Education Sponsorship Program

The largest feed back we get from our gracious and giving guests after they return from one of our life-changing service vacations, is that they want to stay involved with serving the people of Guatemala after returning home. Similarly, there are many who feel drawn to the cause and may never have the ability or opportunity to travel with us.

This is why we launched our Education Sponsorship Program!

A True Lift From Poverty For Generations

In Guatemala, public university does not charge tuition for citizens to attend. However, in the highlands of Guatemala, the average female will stop attending school at the third grade in order to labor with her family. The gap between completing elementary and high school grades and preparing to enter university is massively insurmountable for many, and so the cycle of poverty continues into the next generation.

Our mission is to change that, and it is working!

It Begins With Bi-Lingual Preschool

The main focus of our Education Sponsorship Program begins with our bi-lingual pre-school. An individual in Guatemala that speaks English can earn as much as a doctor who has attended university for 8 years.

For the first time, many who work with us are talking about their dreams of doing more than laboring daily for inadequate food for themselves and their families. Parents are continuing their education, children are learning english, and gradually the trajectory of multiple generations are being lifted out of poverty.

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